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First Eucharist & Reconciliation

The Church teaches that parents are the first educators and catechists of their children. This means that parents have both a right and duty to instruct their children in the truths of our faith.   The home is where faith is developed and lived out. Each parent models to his or her child what the life of faith looks like.


Requirements for Sacramental Preparation
  • Be a registered parishioner
  • Attend Sunday Mass and Holy Days with your children
  • Copy of the Baptismal Certificate
  • Currently participating in Religious Education or Catholic School for at least one year
  • Regular Reconciliation - Parents model this by their participation
  •    Regular Eucharist - Parents also model this by their own participation. We are obliged to attend Mass each Sunday and Holy Day of obligation.  At Mass,
       we have the opportunity to receive Jesus in the Eucharist, if we meet the conditions.
  •     Attend "Meet Me at Mass" - See Religious Ed calendar for dates.
The Preparation Process
  • Attend the Parent Sessions listed on Religious Formation Calendar.
  • Children must attend the Retreat.
  • Attend the interview prior to the celebration of each of the sacraments.  The catechists will interview your child to assess his or her readiness and intention.  Ideally, both parents are to be present during the interview so that you can help your child in final preparations and show your support.