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Congratulations! The primary way a person accepts Christ into his/her life is by Baptism. Both adults and infants can be baptized. For adults, the church has a period of preparation called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Check with the Parish Office for particulars.
Eligibility Requirements:
  • Parents Married in the Catholic Church
  • Parents attend Mass regularly
  • Godparents are active Catholics
  • Registered in a Parish
  • Attend a Baptismal class
Infant Baptisms

When you wish to have your infant baptized, you must ask yourself a very basic question: Why do you want to baptize your child as a Catholic? Your answer is critical.                               
  1. Your parents want your child baptized.
  2. Everyone else does it.
  3. You want your child to share in a spiritual relationship with God.
The third response is the most valid reason to request your child to be baptized.
Parents must confirm that they are participating members of a Catholic parish: registered in a parish (for at least 6 months), attend Mass regularly, and married in the Catholic Church.  The Parish Office maintains a roster of all active registered parishioners. The office also uses the contribution envelope system to verify regular Mass attendance. All parishioners are required to use the Offertory Contribution Program - envelopes, online giving, or credit card.

Baptism Scheduling

Contact the Parish Office to arrange for a phone interview with our Pastor. When approved, you will be signed up for our Baptismal class, held once a month following the 11 AM Sunday Mass.  You and the Godparents need to attend.  After the class, you will receive a certificate of attendance, valid for 2 years. 

Next, contact the Parish Office to schedule the Baptism for the following month and pay the $50 Baptismal fee and the $30 priest/deacon stipend. Godparents often make the donation for this stipend.

Baptisms are conducted on the third Sunday of each month, following the 11 AM Mass.  Now, invite family and friends to celebrate this memorable occasion! 

Note: Baptisms held on a different day/time require the use of a Facilities Coordinator, incurring an additional $50 fee. 

Baptism Begins a Journey

When you baptize your child, you are responsible for raising him/her in the faith and modeling what it means to be in a faith relationship with God.
When your child enters the first grade, you need to enroll him/her in a Catholic school or in the parish Religious Education program. This spiritual formation includes preparation for 1st Confession and 1st Communion and culminates in the reception of Confirmation. With Confirmation, a person takes more responsibility for his/her own faith journey.Confirmation begins the adult journey of growing in faith.
As we grow in our relationship with God and others, we prepare ourselves for the next life. After death, we believe that we will share eternity with the people whom we love in this world.
Choosing Godparents

Who is a Godparent? He/she acts as an additional parent who models for your child what it means to be in a relationship with God, hence the name Godparent.

Who is eligible to be a Godparent? He/she must be a person who will be a stellar model of the Catholic faith and who will support you in your faith as well.

You need to choose Godparents who are adult practicing Catholics: are 16 years or older, confirmed, attend Mass regularly, married in the church, and are registered members of a parish.

Family members are preferred or close friends. They need to attend the Baptismal Class.

Along with parents and Godparents, the Christian community supports parents and the baptized child in his/her commitment to Christ. In Baptism, we become part of the family of God.
Baptism in a Different Parish

If you wish to baptize your child in another parish, as a courtesy, you need to ask the pastor of the parish where you would like the Baptism if he would be willing to perform it. If he is agreeable, your pastor needs to supply a letter stating that you are registered in his parish and are practicing Catholics.   
When the Baptism is performed in another parish, that parish maintains the Baptismal record.

If at any time you need another certified copy of the certificate, you will need to contact that parish to obtain one.
Baptismal Documentation

At the time of the Baptism, you will be provided a Baptismal certificate. Carefully review the information for accuracy.

Contact the Parish Office if you ever need additional certified copies of the certificate.