RCIA & Adult Confirmation

  The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, RCIA, is first and foremost a faith Journey process for those interested in becoming a Roman Catholic.  The process of conversion takes time.  For this reason, there is nothing instant about RCIA.  The commitment to gospel values and perspectives is a personal journey which is never accomplished by an education program alone.
Catechumens and candidates are encouraged to reflect on their gifts and talents and share them with the larger community.  The service component will hopefully inspire candidates to put their faith into action and live a life committed to the values and actions of Jesus Christ. 
RCIA is offered every year for those adults wishing to be baptized  or received into full participation in the Catholic Church.   RCIA is available year round; we welcome those interested at any time.  Come with your questions on Thursdays at 6 pm in the Multi-Purpose Building or call the Parish Office at (505) 242-3462.  Our RCIA Director is Jane Schindler.  She can be reached at stcharlesrcia2012@gmail.com.


Similar to the RCIA process, this program helps those Baptized Catholics to prepare themselves to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation.  We welcome any Baptized Catholic, age 18 or older who has not been Confirmed to inquire about this special opportunity.  The program, developed by the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, consists of 7 sessions and a retreat.  Offered twice a year, the sacrament is celebrated in the spring and fall seasons. Our Adult Confirmation Director is Jane Schindler. You can reach her through the parish office at (505) 242-3462 or on-line stcharlesrcia2012@gmail.com.