Planning A Funeral

Making Arrangements
For all funerals, the family should first contact the Funeral Home. The Funeral Home representative will contact the church to make time/date arrangements. At St. Charles, funerals are scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday of the following week. No funerals are held Holy Week, Easter Week, Christmas Week or the week following Christmas.

After the time/date arrangements have been set by St. Charles and the Funeral Home, our Parish Office Coordinator will schedule a meeting with the family to choose the Scripture to choose the Scripture readings and music from the pre-selected options.

The family is requested to designate one or two adults to read the Scripture readings at Mass. Copies of the Scripture readings will be given to the family when arrangements are made so that the readers can practice.

The Rosary

A rich Catholic tradition is to recite the rosary the evening before the funeral. Rosaries are not held the morning of the Memorial Mass. It is highly recommended that the rosary be recited at the Funeral Home. Please make arrangements with the Funeral Director if you desire a rosary.
Funeral Mass
The Funeral Mass begins at the entrance to the Church; this symbolizes the individual's passage to the new and eternal Jerusalem. The Church will provide a while cloth (a pall) to be placed on the casket by the family members at the beginning of the Mass of the Resurrection.
If the person was in the military, the American flag covering the casket is removed at the entrance to the Church. At the end of Mass it will be draped over the casket again.
Readings are selected with the parish representative when funeral arrangements are made. Two people are needed to read the Scripture readings and Prayer of the Faithful at Mass.
If any young family members are acolytes, they can be servers at the Mass. Otherwise, the church will secure two acolytes.
Memorial Mass
When a person is cremated, a Memorial Mass is celebrated. Arrangements are made in a similar way as with a Funeral. Although the Church accepts cremation, it is still preferable to have the body present for a funeral for both psychological and theological reasons. 

Our parish Music Ministers will be your primary music providers due to their contract responsibilities with the parish. The family may pick four songs from the following selections, or the Music Ministers will make the selections. The Parish Office Coordinator will inform the Music Ministers of your choices.
Funeral Songs
  • Bread of Life
  • I Am the Bread of Life
  • Song Farewell
  • How Great Thou Art
  • I Know that My Redeemer Lives
  • On Eagle's Wings
  • Pan de Vida
  • Be Not Afraid
  • We Gather Together
Flowers are always brought to the Church for a funeral. After Mass, the Funeral Director usually will remove flowers from the Church. If you would like to donate flowers or leave certain flowers for the Church, please inform the Parish Office Coordinator. Flowers are allowed during Lent.
Funeral Costs
Required Fees:
Church Rental
    Registered Parishioner                               $150
Priest Stipend*                                         $125
Accompanist/Cantor*                               $175
2 Altar Servers ($10 per Server)**           $20
Parish Hall Rental (subject to availability):
Hall Rental                                              $100
    2 hrs minimum rental 
    Includes setup & cleanup time

    (Each additional hour $75)
Facilities Coordinator (if after hours)*               $75
Rosary (usually at Funeral Home):
Church Rental                                          $100
Facilities Coordinator*                              $75
Reciter*                                                    $50
* Please make check out to individual.
  Parish Office Coordinator will provide names
** Cash in envelope

To be considered a registered parishioner, one must be registered, using envelopes, and regularly attending in the parish for at least 6 months.

The Parish Office Coordinator collects stipends/fees when meeting with the family.
As soon as the time/date arrangement is set, the Funeral Home representative needs to provide St. Charles a copy of the Obituary.

Pictures of Loved One

For a Funeral Mass, an easel with pictures can be set up in the entrance to the Church and near the casket during Mass. For a Memorial Mass with an urn, a picture of the loved one can be placed on a table with the cremains in front of the altar.
Donations to St. Charles
In lieu of flowers, families often ask friends and relatives to make a donation to a specific cause. St. Charles Church and St. Charles School are excellent causes to consider.  For the church, make check to St. Charles Church. For the school, make the check to St. Charles School.
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