Offertory Envelopes

The main purpose of Offertory Envelopes is to help the Parish Office connect cash and check contributions to the proper donor. By January 31st every year, we send out offertory statements for tax purposes. In order to ensure the correct information, envelopes are crucial for accuracy.

There will be times when your church attendance is essential. For example, you need a record of your church attendance for
  • Receiving a subsidy at a Catholic School
  • Permission letters to marry at another church
  • Sponsorship for Baptism and Confirmation

The only way for us to track your attendance is through your contributions. Offertory envelopes are the easiest way for us to track your church attendance. With loose checks, we make copies then look for your family number in order to post. With cash, we have no way of knowing who donated it unless it is placed in an envelope with your first and last name, address, and phone number. We track attendance so that we can gauge the health of the parish, reviewing figures to see if attendance is rising or falling. The Archdiocese also tracks parish attendance in order to set our parish goal each year for the Annual Catholic Appeal. Thus, the envelope program helps both individual parishioners and the parish as a whole.

If you are not registered with the parish, please stop by the Parish Office Volunteer Table on the weekends or the Parish Office during the week for envelopes and to sign-up for our monthly Welcome Orientation.

The economic downturn has seriously affected our parish. We rely on the weekly offertory collection to keep our doors open, funding operated expenses, and parish programs. Parishioner offerings are our sole source of funding. All contributions are important, no matter the amount. We must continue to support our parishes if we want a place to worship now and in the future.