Eucharistic Ministers

1. Arrive 20 minutes before the start of the Mass;  sign in (Sacristy)  and return to the church.
2. The priest and deacon (or sacristan if there is no deacon) will distribute the hosts in the middle of the steps in front of the altar.
During Mass
1. All Eucharistic Ministers will go to their assigned position in the sanctuary (standing behind the altar) when the “Lamb of God” is sung.
3. At the Sign of Peace come forward to the sanctuary after wishing a few people the greeting. Come to the foot of the sanctuary.. Wait until all ministers have gathered, then bow together, and proceed to your position behind the altar.
4. The priest will give the host to each Eucharistic Minister. If there is a deacon, then he and the deacon will give ministers the Precious Blood. If there is no deacon the sacristan will be the other person to distribute the Host with the priest. If this is the case, the sacristan comes forward at the “Lamb of God,” goes to the tabernacle to brings a ciborium to the altar. He/she places it on the altar and then he/she proceeds to his/her position in front of the presidential chair. He receives the hosts from the priest and one of the other Eucharistic Ministers serves him/her the Precious Blood.
6. The Deacon/ Sacristan goes to the altar, takes the ciborium and proceeds to distribute Holy Communion to the servers. A cup bearer gives the servers the Precious Blood.
7. The deacon/ sacristan, along with a cup minister proceeds to the side and gives Communion to the disabled. The deacon/sacristan then proceeds to the center and then distributes hosts to the rest of the community. The cup minister proceeds to his/her place.
8. The priest will give the cup to the cup ministers FIRST; these communion ministers share with the other ministers in the sanctuary.
9. After all ministers have received, either proceed to the servers or proceed to the choir with the priest. When feasible, the other cup minister proceeds to his/her place.
10. If a cup minister runs out of the Precious Blood, please process to the sacristy immediately. Leave the chalice/cup there to be purified after Mass.
11. When your CUP station has no more people to give communion, assist at another station and motion for the assembly to come to you.
After the assembly has finished receiving communion
• Ministers with the cup proceed to the sacristy; do not consume the Precious Blood while walking, but rather consume the Precious Blood in the sacristy and leave the cup at the sink. Please observe a reverent silence in the sacristy while consuming the Precious Blood, and later, while cleaning the dishes.
• Ministers with the hosts go to the altar to combine their hosts into the ciborium, and the deacon/sacristan takes the ciborium and places it in the tabernacle and locks it. He/she then returns to their pew.
• After Communion, the priest will call up those Eucharistic Ministers who will take the Eucharist who are Homebound or who are in the hospital.
After Mass
1. Two ministers return the “Mass Tray” and other items on the credence table to the sacristy. This includes the tabernacle key.
2. Return to the sacristy to clean the vessels. First purify by consuming, then rinsing the precious vessels. Please observe reverence while
1. Wear “Sunday best!” (No blue jeans, T-shirts, shorts, short suits (no dresses that are too high above the knees, please), spaghetti straps, etc.)
2. Return vessels and trays to their proper space in the cabinets or shelves.
3. Bow/genuflect to the Body of Christ in the tabernacle before opening the door; bow/genuflect before closing the door to the tabernacle.
4. If there a host should drop, the minister picks it up and gives it to the person. If they do not want to receive it, the communion minister consumes it. If the communion minister does not want to receive it, put it in your pocket and bury it after Mass.
5. If the Precious Blood should spill, guard the spot with your body during the distribution of communion. After the last person has received communion from the minister, leave the purificator over the spot. After Mass, come with a moist towel to wipe the spillage, and then place the purificator and towel in the bucket in the sacristy.
6. Please unfold all purificators and corporals into the buckets underneath the sink in the sacristy. The volunteers who clean the linens appreciate this very much. Your parish, and especially the pastor, is extremely grateful to have you in this service.